Safety Of Funds

  • Safety Of Funds
    March 30, 2016 admin

    All clients open their own trading accounts with our assigned broker-dealer after they pass basic compliance and security checks on their Account Applications with Cap Growth FX.

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    When clients credit their own account, money received by our assigned broker-dealer will be held in segregated accounts, and are therefore entirely separate from our own and that of our assigned broker-dealer. In the unlikely event of a default, rest assured client funds will be returned directly to them rather than being treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors. All money held on behalf of clients is held in accounts with top-tier rated banks.

    Clients will be able to access their accounts online anytime and from anywhere in the world with their own username and password. Clients of Cap Growth FX are the only account signatories on their accounts and only the client can give instructions to the our assigned broker-dealer for withdrawals or to make further deposits.

    Capital Protection is offered in form of a Global Stop Loss ( Risk Limit) Which is installed on each account at Cap Growth fx. This risk limit stop as detailed in the prospectus and Account opening application is set at a maximum of 30% of your deposited funds, this means 70% of your funds are free from any trading related risk. An internal Risk Management Team oversees all Capgrowthfx accounts and makes certain that in the event your account balance falls to 70% of your deposited funds all trading activities on your account are halted until further consultation with the account holder.


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