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Traditional investment strategies tend to be one sided ( ie ) buy or sell . The Strategy we use takes advantage of both sell and buy side and therefor a wider opportunity for profits.
At Cap Growth FX we have innovatively built a business model around the following key concepts.










We aim to produce a high return on investment regardless of the general performance of the economy.
We work with our clients with the alignment of interests.
We intend to make those premium investment services available for our clients that were previously only reserved for major investors.

We will show you how to gain stable and above the average returns with our premium services despite these ever-changing market conditions. Have a look at the benefits Cap Growth FX has to offer and ensure a more stable and secure future for your finances!

Investment services commonly known today can hardly satisfy us – why?
During the recent years it has become clear for everyone that the returns of bank deposits or bonds are unable to guarantee a sufficient return on investment and the risks involved with the stock markets are just too high to bear in most cases. Each investor wants more nowadays!
  • Stable performance, High Returns!
  • Results regardless of the economic performance
  • The average return of the portfolio per month is: 20% – Returns are subject to Change and Losses can ocur due to market activity
  • Reinvestment
  • Verified results
One or more investment accounts held in your own name form your investment portfolio; as an investor you can deposit your funds in one of the world’s leading financial institutions and authorize Cap Growth FX to manage your accounts. With your authorization Cap Growth FX trades in the account and with this, it achieves profit for you. Therefore in this highly innovative way, Cap Growth FX has no direct access to the invested funds opened at the Broker Dealer.
You can entrust professional account managers with your investment while it is held in your own name for the whole investment period!The safety of your investment is secured by a five-level protection; the first level being you deposit your investment into an account that is held in your own name.
  • You deposit your capital at a strictly controlled and regulated financial institution (Our Assigned Broker Dealer)
  • You hold your capital with AA rated depositories
  • As the owner of the account only you are able to authorize trading
  • You are able to monitor the investing processes during the whole investment period
Many people do not even know how important in the safety of an investment service alone is if the relevant financial institutions are operating separately; otherwise there are several possibilities for abuse.
A special feature of our services is that they are completely free from any fixed costs, only a performance fee will be charged based on the profits gained. Therefore, it is our common interest to achieve a monthly profit in your investment account – should we fail with this, our company earns no income. The alignment of interests not only grants long-term gains, but more money stays in your account by getting rid of redundant charges.
As an exclusive feature on the investment market as a client of our firm you are provided overall insight of the investing processes.
100% transparency lets you monitor not only your current equity but from anywhere in the world 24/7 365 days a year.

During the trading operations our account managers put the greatest emphasis on security.This gets even more important considering how changeable the foreign exchange market is; the maximum level of risk undertaken is limited by strict, predetermined rules as stated in the account opening terms and in the prospectus; this is how the high level of safety of the capital can be guaranteed. We ensure compliance with the regulations of risk management through our quality assurance system by 24hr supervision for every trading day. Due to the nature of asset management the equity of your account may fluctuate, however, thanks to our strict regulations the level of fluctuation is minimal.

Cap Growth FX multi-level capital protection is not only able to secure the initial capital, but the gains as well.

  • The protection of the capital is the most important factor when trading
  • The protection of the capital is regulated and controlled by strict internal risk management policies and the broker-dealer
  • A global capital protection of 70%
  • Protection growing dynamically with the maximum balance of the account
Due to our private asset management service it is natural for us to provide thorough information for our clients on the investing process, before they decide to make a deposit. As a client of Cap Growth FX you can use the services that are fundamentally different from today’s common investment services, therefore you can also count on the help of our advisor’s who will provide the answers for your questions in several languages to help you make a responsible decision.
  • With an investment decision made on time you can greatly influence your own future, therefore we advise you to get in contact with one of our advisor’s!
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