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20+% Average Monthly Profit

We are providing a real, secure and transparent investment banking trade programme to clients who are looking for a chance to invest in a programme that is licensed and regulated with above average returns.

Unlike our competitors, you do not pay us a management fee. We are a performance based investment banking company and only make money when you are making profits.

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Recent Annual Returns



*Past Performance in Not Necessarily Indicative of Future Results

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Your Benefits

125K Minimum Trade 15-20% Average Monthly Profit (minimum is usually 500K) *Returns are subject to Change due to market activity.

You open your own MAMM Brokerage Trading Account at our London based broker dealer (in your own name).

You do NOT pay a Management Fee, instead we split the monthly profit with you on a 60/40 basis (60% in your favour).

You have online access to your trading account 24/7 to review daily trading activity.

You control 100% of the trading account as well as 100% of the funds in the account.

You can cancel at any time without penalties. No lock up periods.

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For further details, please contact us

Please read carefully: The trading strategy you will be trading under is called Cap Growth FX  A Quantic Asset Management Trading Strategy. Quantic is a trading name of AFX Capital Markets Ltd. a Company authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), licence no. 119/10 and registration no. 253014, and we are also regulated under the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in regards to other offices within the EU under the MiFID Passporting Regime. The address of AFX Capital Markets Ltd is 116 Gladstonos, Kyprianou House, 1st floor, 3032 Limassol, Cyprus.


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