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Q – What is the minimum cash amount required to participate in this trade program?

A – Our average account in trade is 5M Euro and it is very typical for Clients to start off with a smaller amount for a few months as a “proof of performance” trial period before committing to a higher amount. Our minimum amount required for trade is €250K Euro Cash. However as Clients needs change we are also flexible to meet the needs of every Client. We can and have made exceptions for lower amounts if approved. Clients requesting account approval lower than €250K Euro Cash must first email sales@capgrowthfx.com and request this exception and include the amount they are able to participate with. All requests will be replied to within 24 hrs. Once approved Clients will be able to apply for an account.

Q – What kind of Trading are you offering?

A – We offer Alternative Investments in Forex managed accounts . Forex is the MOST Traded Product in the world trading $5.3 Trillion per day. The foreign exchange market is largely made up of institutional investors, corporations, governments, banks, as well as currency speculators. Roughly 90% of this volume is generated by currency speculators capitalizing on intraday price movements. https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/education/trading_tips/daily_trading_lesson/2014/01/24/FX_Market_Size.html.

Q – Why would I pick your Forex Trading Program over a competitor?

A – We offer several reasons why; We have superior trading returns, Clients never send us money or move funds to a 3rd party account, We do not charge a Brokerage or Trading Fee, We are working with one of the largest Prime Broker Dealers and Banks in the world, We offer Capital Protection on Clients funds, We do not require Clients sign a Term Contract so Clients can cancel at any time without penalty or fees and We offer full disclosure to Clients from the beginning of the trading process to the end giving our Clients a better trading experience.

Q – Who will trade the cash funds deposited in my Online Broker Dealer Trading Account and are my funds traded Manually or by an Automated System?

A – Cap Growth Fx trades the Clients cash funds via the licensing umbrella approved and registered with Scandinavian Capital Markets (Asset Manager) who are registered and Regulated as a Financial Institution with Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) (FSA). Brokerage accounts will be opened with our Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer and the Online Brokerage Accounts will be set up at HSBC London in the Clients own name. We offer Manual Trading only which is traded by 5 professional Traders trading around the clock Monday to Friday. Trading results can be viewed here: http://capgrowthfx.com/strong-fund-performance

Q – Will I be able to see the trading activity in my online account?

A – Yes, all clients have a real time login where they can monitor equity, balance, margin and P/L. Clients can monitor this information 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. They can also receive a daily or weekly account statement via email.

Q – Can you explain the Profit Split

A – The “Profit” is the total net trade profit amount which is made each month. That “Profit” amount is then split between the Client and the Trader on a 60/40 basis (60% to the Client). So gross profits to the client will be 60%. We are a performance based investment banking company ONLY and unlike our competitors we do not charge a management fee. We only make money when the Client is making money. Although we average 20% per month in “Profit”, Trade results are different every month and are never fixed. Returns are subject to Change and losses might occur due to market activity. Whatever the total montly “Profit” results end up being, that “Profit” amount will then be split 60/40 between the Client and the Trader.

Q – If I already have my funds deposited in an account at HSBC London will I still need to open the Brokerage Trading Account?

A – Yes, as we do not trade cash out of a checking or savings account Clients must open their own Online Brokerage Trading Account to participate in trade. We will walk the client through the process of opening their own account. As this is an Online Trading Account, the Client does NOT need to fly to London to open this account.

Q – What Currencies will you accept for trade? Can I submit with any currency?

A – The denomination we Trade in is Euro. If the Clients funds are not Euro we will convert the received funds into Euro when the Client credits their new Brokerage Trading Account via wire or bank transfer at spot rate without commissions. The Brokerage Trading Account must be a Euro denominated credited account before we start trading.

Q – What is the Legal Relationship, meaning contracted relationship between the asset managment company Scandinavian Capital Markets, the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer and Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy?

A – Scandinavian Capital Markets, provides a Regulatory Umbrella for the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy to bring new Clients through and trade under this umbrella. Through this regulation framework, Cap Growth Fx is able to operate under the Legal and Regulated Framework of Scandinavian Capital Markets as Cap Growth Fx’s designated Licensed and Regulated Asset Management Partner and a Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer.

Broker Dealer = A Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer.

Asset Management Company = Scandinavian Capital Markets who is registered and Regulated as a Financial Institution with Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) (FSA) registration no. 556863-5972.

Scandinavian Capital Markets License can be viewed at the following website link http://www.fi.se/Folder-EN/Startpage/Register/Company-register/Company-register-Details/?idx=115111

Q –  How long has Scandinavian Capital Markets been working with the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy?

A – The Cap Growth FX Trading Strategy has been trading since Jan of 2012. Originally this trading strategy was placed with non Prime Broker Dealer. Cap Growth FX started their direct relationship and Application for Approval with Scandinavian Capital Markets in June of 2016. One of the most significant reasons for Cap Growth Fx to work with Scandinavian Capital Markets was so that Cap Growth Fx would have a London Based HQ Company managing and controlling Clients transactions. This combined with the fact that the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer holds their main Banking Brokerage Accounts at HSBC London offers all existing and new Cap Growth FX Clients significant piece of mind and security.

Q –  What Legal, Financial and Technical Due Diligence has Scandinavian Capital Markets completed on the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy in order for the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy to be legally approved as a suitable Trading Strategy?

A –  Each of the MAMs (Multi Account Managers) working under this Licensed and Regulated Framework, an Asset Management Application Process and Questionnaire was is completed. This AM Questionnaire stipulates the Maximum Leverage used, Maximum Loss allowed, Instruments Traded, and a Summary of the Strategy. The process also involves Reviewing and Approving the Trading Strategy and Approving the Risk Profile used in the strategy. Such Review and Approval steps were carried out in accordance with Scandinavian Capital Markets internal Risk Management. Procedures for doing so and are private. The position of Scandinavian Capital Markets is to ensure that all these aspects of the Trading Strategy are adhered to by the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy. The focus of Scandinavian Capital Markets is to provide a regulatory framework for Capgrowthfx to trade and provide guidance on trading strategy parameters. The Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy is not promoted or traded by Scandinavian Capital Markets or the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer. Both Scandinavian Capital Markets and the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer are merely an Execution Platform for the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy.

Q –  Legally and from a Tax Perspective, where are the Cap Growth Fx Trade Profits actually generated?

A – Sweden

Q –  In the Cap Growth Fx Fact Sheet or Program Offer it shows 5 Year Historical Returns but when the Domain Name is checked with WhoIs (http://who.is/whois/http://capgrowthfx.com) it shows that the Cap Growth FX Domain has only been existence since 24/02/2016 Please explain this?

A –  The Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy was previously traded at a Prime Broker Dealer company. During that time the existing Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy did NOT have an online presence or Website. In Jan 2106, the Cap Growth Fx Trading Team, engaged the services of a new Marketing and Compliance Team and rebranded the existing Trading Strategy as the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy and created this Website as part of this endeavor.

Q –  Are the Client / Investors Profits that are generated through the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy taxable?

A –  Due to the complexity of each Clients (Individual or Corporate) Tax Position which can have a myriad of different components affecting their overall Tax Liability such as Clients Residency Status, Clients History and Origin of Funds, whether the Client is an Individual or Corporate, Etc., Scandinavian Capital Markets, the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer or Cap Growth Fx do not and cannot provide Tax Advice to any Client. Each Client should seek appropriate Tax Advice from a Tax Expert in their Country of Residence or via a Specialist Forex Tax Advisor.

Q –  What is the total amount of Funds that Scandinavian Capital Markets have in trade under the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy right now?

A –  As all Client Files are Private any information on these accounts are not disclosed.

Q –  Are the Returns that are stated in the PDF Cap Growth Fx Fact Sheet Compounded or NON-Compounded?

A –  It shows the Non-Compounded YTD Returns. To view both the Compounded as well as the Non-Compounded YTD Returns, please see the results here: http://capgrowthfx.com/strong-fund-performance/ In addition, the monthly return percentage is the same for both the Compounded and Non-Compounded accounts, the difference will be the total YTD ROI. Prior to July 1st 2016. Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy was offered under a different broker dealer, please contact us for further details. All trading results after July 1st 2016 have been traded using Scandinavian Capital Markets and the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer.

Q –  Does CapGrowthfx  have a Risk Management Department?

A –  Yes

Q –  How is the 30% Capital Risk Mechanism Regulated?

A – The maximum loss is automated on the account – there is a feature whereby the trading and investment team can set the margin level of the account – much like a normal margin level set by every broker – this is commonplace across the industry to ensure that clients do not fall into a negative equity position. The same system is implemented on each client account falling under Cap Growth FX Trading Strategy, ensuring that the maximum loss of their account matches that detailed on the Terms and Conditions of the Strategy that Cap Growth FX would have signed with Scandinavian Capital Markets as part of the Overall Application in June 2016.

Q –  Can you provide a deeper understanding of the 70% Capital Protection and how it works practically, for example does the 70% Capital Protection extend out to cover a Clients Compounded Trading Total each Month?

A –  The 70% applies to the total value of the account – Compounded or NON Compounded. If a 30% Loss is realized on the account, the account is frozen by  CapGrowthFx Trading Team and the client decides how they would like to proceed. As the stop loss is set at 30%, the remaining 70% is protected from loss – typically there is no slippage but you can have market gaps leading to higher loss.

Q –  Who is Legally offering the 70% Capital Protection?

A The Cap Growth Fx Trading Team

Q –  Can you confirm that when a Client Deposits their Funds into the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer Client Account that the Funds are always in the Clients Name?

A –  Yes, we can confirm that the online Broker Dealer Client Accounts will always be in the Clients Name as the Client is the only signatory of their trading account

Q –  Which Bank does the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer hold their Master Trading Accounts?


Q –  If a Client wants to withdraw their Funds what is the notice period required to do so?

A –  Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of receipt and typically take 3-5 business days to land at the beneficiaries account. If there are any open positions he will need to close them prior to the withdrawal being processed so this is the only component that would delay that time frame.

Q –  Can you confirm that there are NO Penalties applicable to the Client and that what is on Account in the Clients Name at the time of request to withdraw is what will be refunded in full?

A –  Yes, we can confirm that there are no penalties and the amount of profit in the clients account is confirmed as the amount that will be available and funded to the client.

Q –  On what Date of each Month can the Client withdraw Part or All of their Profit, Compounded Trade Returns and/or NON-Compounded Trade Returns?

A –  Trading starts on the first day of the month until the last day of the month. Clients Funds are traded Monday to Friday and and are credited to the Clients account each day. In order to maximise the clients profits, the client can request the profit withdraw on the fist day of the month. For example, if we trade in January, the Client can withdraw the profits made from the trading in January on Febuary 1st

Q –  Can the Client have their Trade Returns paid to an alternative Bank Account of their choice?

A –  Due to AML the only account the profits can be sent to is the original bank account where the funds were transferred from and deposited into the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer Brokerage Account. The only exception to this rule is if the alternative bank account proposed by the Client has the exact same Account Name and same Account Signatory of the Clients Original Bank Account.

Q –  From Date of Signing the Application/Submission Form how long does it take the Licensed and Regulated Prime Broker Dealer to open a Broker Dealer Account for the Client to Deposit their Funds?

A –  As it is the requirement for the client to open their own Online Trading Account the answer depends on the client. However, once the application documents are completed the Broker Representative, will walk the client through the online process to open their Broker Dealer Trading Account. The account approval for Individual accounts average is 2-3 banking days, for Corporate accounts the average is 3-5 banking days.

Q –  From Date of a Client Depositing their Funds into the Clients Broker Dealer Account, how long does it take to place the Clients Funds into the Cap Growth Fx Trading Strategy?

A –  As soon as the Client’s Funds are deposited/credited to the Clients Broker Dealer Trading account, trading for that Clients Account will start on the following business day.

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